Wealthy super now taxed

It’s May – Budget time – so it means more changes to our superannuation system. Here’s a quick overview on how the government plans to make the system fairer.

You can afford insurance

Think you can’t afford to have personal insurance? Think again! There are a number of ways to structure and pay for your insurance. So really, the question is, Can you afford NOT to have that insurance?

Looking down from heaven

If you were suddenly looking down from heaven, would your super balance go to the right person? Making sure your binding death benefit nomination is up to date can help make sure it does.

How to find your lost super

How exciting is it when you find $50 in your coat pocket? Well, tracking down your lost super funds can give even bigger rewards!

Free Money from the Government!

With the end of the financial year fast approaching, now is the time to review your tax position in order to take advantage of tax concessions offered by the government. Co-Contribution – $1000 To help boost our superannuation balances, the government has a dollar-for-dollar matching scheme. If your taxable income plus the value of salary…