Dreamboard – Greg

Meet Greg, aged 35 & on income protection claim since November 2014 I can’t recommend Suggars & Associates highly enough. I have had income protection insurance for over 10 years and I’d like to take this opportunity to tell my story. A little over 6 months ago, I was in a serious motorcycle accident where I was fortunate…

Beware: no forms or medicals!

They sell it to you as easy, with no medical tests or long forms to complete, but is this really the best way to buy life insurance? There can be hidden traps with vague exclusions that bite you at claim time, which really, is when you want your life insurance to make life easy.

Dreamboard – Jennifer

Jennifer has more than one insurance claim story to share, and tells you why its important to have the right insurance adviser supporting you along the way.

Dreamboard – Jess

Jess shares her claim story and tells you what her income protection means to her.

Billion Dollar Legs

Marlene did it, and a host of celebrities have followed her lead… But insuring body parts is perhaps not feasible for most of us, however insuring your income is a very affordable option and protects your most valuable asset – your future income.