“Insurance semantics misleading clients”

Meike was featured today, 6/3/2014, in IFA Magazine in an article about Australian’s misunderstanding the insurance they have within their super.

“Poor life insurance terminology by superannuation funds is creating a false impression among clients that they will be covered in the event of an illness, says a risk adviser.

The comments by Suggars & Associates adviser Meike Suggars back up recent Zurich research which show Australians are ‘mis-informed’ about life insurance – and are either uninsured or ‘mis-insured’ as a result.

Ms Suggars said her clients are often misled to believe that the life insurance in their super fund will pay them in the event of illness.

“I think that’s because often a superannuation insurance statement will say that it includes terminal illness,” Ms Suggars said.

“But there is no further explanation in the statement as to what that means,” she said – adding that semantics and terminology are often at the heart of the confusion…”

Meike Suggars in IFA Magazne
IFA Magazine, 6 March 2014

Read full article here.

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