“‘Cheap shot’ at upfront commission”

Meike was quoted today, 27/11/2013, in Wealth Professional in an article about insurer sustainability and commissions.

Ever-savvy customers are shopping around for the best life insurance deals and advisers are getting “blamed” for being greedy with upfront commissions.

Last week, Suncorp managing director Patrick Snowball told a business lunch in Sydney that adviser business models have become reliant on high upfront commissions and this is unsustainable.

But Suggars & Associates risk adviser Meike Suggars, who has been in the risk industry for four years, told Wealth Professional if she had not been able to take upfront commissions she would not have been able to start up her business.

She disagrees upfront commissions are too high, and says although it is easy to blame advisers, the issue of insurance sustainability is much bigger than just commissions…”

Meike Suggars discusses commissions
Wealth Professional, 27 November 2013

Read full article here.

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