“Australian adviser shows skills in Nepal”

Meike was featured today, 26/9/13, in Wealth Professional, in a story covering her recent holiday and volunteer work in Nepal.

“Sometimes when you get a bit fed up with the system at home, it pays to take a look further afield to reposition your perspective.

Risk specialist Meike Suggars learnt that lesson this year. Suggars is an authorised rep for Synchron, and partner at Suggars Associates with her father Jeff Suggars. She joined the business in 2009, following seven years in marketing, as part of her dad’s succession plan. However, before taking over the business completely, Suggars thought she would see a bit of the world….”

Meike in the Media - "Australian Adviser shows skills in Nepal" Wealth Professional 26 Sept 2013
Wealth Professional, 26 September 2013

This article also featured on www.southasiarevealed.com

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