“RiskInfo Case Study: Mentoring”

Meike was featured in RiskInfo in a case study looking at mentoring within the financial services industry.

“A shared interest in social media and technology led James Sutherland and Meike Suggars to embark on a mentoring relationship. Three years on, having both experienced significant growth in their personal and professional development, they share what they believe is the key to making a mentoring relationship work…

…Suggars and Sutherland met at an Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) Conference three years ago and immediately connected.  After chatting about all things social media, and having realised they could learn from one another’s experiences, they agreed to set up a regular, monthly catch-up.

“Our conversations generally involve bouncing ideas off one-another, and talking through challenges or opportunities within each of our businesses,” says Sutherland…”

Meike Suggars Mentoring Case Study Riskinfo
RiskInfo, July 2013

Read full article here.

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