“Financial Planner Profiles: Meike Suggars, Suggars and Associates”

Meike was featured today, 18/2/13, in Money Management, in a story covering her career as a financial adviser.

After making a career change, Meike Suggars is preparing to take over the family risk practice as her father nears retirement.

Why did you get into financial planning?

I got into financial planning because my dad’s been in the risk industry since 1990 and I wanted a change of career.

I had grown up with it in my house, and saw how my dad was able to support the family financially without sacrificing his family life.

I studied marketing at university but wanted something that was more flexible and would fit better with my life — something that I felt was more meaningful….”

Meike Suggars profile in Money Management
Money Management , 18 February 2013

Read the full article.

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