Dreamboard – Jennifer

DreamBoard - Client Stories

Meet Jennifer, aged 51 & on Income Protection claim

First thought when you found out your claim was successful and you were going to get paid by your insurer?
I signed up in 1996 for income protection insurance.  My business was doing really well and I was 36 years of age, I had very good health, although I declared previous illnesses.  Within 6 weeks of signing up I went to Cairns to sell books and was bitten by a mozzy and came down with a RossRiver style virus.  I was extremely ill for several months and I was amazed at the ease that my claim was paid and that I was receiving money that allowed me to pay my bills, after I only had the insurance for six weeks!

I have had several claims since then, unfortunately in 2003 I had a series of bad falls where I ruptured a disk in my back, eventually in 2007 I had a spinal operation.  I have now been on claim since 2007 and although we have had a great deal of opposition from the insurance company to pay me regularly I can honestly say without Suggars and Assoc and their advice, I would not have been able to deal with the machinations of the insurance company on my own. 

Dreamboard - Jennifer's insurance claim story
What would have happened if you hadn’t been insured?
I hate to think what my life would have been like now if I hadn’t taken that insurance out when I was well and able person.   I wouldn’t have my business, I probably would not have been able to continue my rehabilitation which has been long, continual and ongoing.  When you are 36 you can-not imagine being in your 50’s and disabled.  It is true to say that you never know what is going to happen in the future but taking out and having the advice from Suggars and Associates has been a very important part of my recovery.  I will add that as I am now permanently disabled I will be receiving money from the insurance company until age 65.

How did working with Suggars & Associates help you during the claim process?
Insurance companies can be tricky,  they can make you jump through many hoops and can make your life hell at times.  Particularly when you are in pain or on drugs for the pain and perhaps thinking less than clearly.   It is very important to have people like Suggars and Associates who are there for you, they don’t work for the insurance company they work for you.  This is very important and when you are ill you need someone working for you.

Anything else to say?
Obviously over such a long period of time I have come to know Jeff and Meike very well.  Mostly Jeff has helped me but it is wonderful to see Meike Suggars coming into the business and offering the same excellent service and attention to detail that her Father has given me since 1996.  I also have my Superannuation and my Life Insurance organized through Suggars and Associates, with no problems at all.  Although I haven’t used my Life Insurance yet, nor do I plan to for some time, LOL!

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