Dreamboard – Jess

DreamBoard - Client Stories

Meet Jess, aged 26 & on Income Protection claim

First thought when you found out your claim was successful and you were going to get paid by your insurer?
I was shocked, and incredibly surprised seeing as though for one thing, I didn’t think it would be a viable claim in the first place and second, because it took SOOOOO long because the company was such a pain! I never thought we would get through it – but we did! 

What would have happened if you hadn’t been insured?
I wouldn’t have been able to take the time needed, as I am now, to do as much rehabilitation work as possible to get as well recovered as I can be, so I can one day get back to doing some kind of work.
Dreamboard - Jess, income protection claim
How did working with Suggars & Associates help you during the claim process?
Apart from being frustrated at the length of time that it took to go through – which had nothing to do with Suggars & Associates; the holdup was coming from the other end – it was so easy. There would be no way that I would have even thought to have claimed if it weren’t for Meike, and I certainly wouldn’t have had the patience that she did to see it through to the very end

Anything else to say?
Just a big THANK YOU!

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