How to find your lost super

Once upon a time, our employer got to choose the super fund into which they made contributions. This meant that each time we got a new job, we also got a new super fund!

Have you lost old super funds?

But things have changed and you now have the choice and so you can request your that employer pay your super into which ever fund you like.

Make sure all your old super funds have been consolidated into your primary fund (ie the fund you want contributions to go to) so that your super money is working as hard for you as possible. Having it spread around multiple funds means you’re paying multiple sets of fees, and not likely to be getting the best performance.

And if your old super fund has been transferred to an Eligible Rollover Fund, you’re likely to be paying much higher fees than normal.

To see if you’ve got any lost super, visit the government’s SuperSeeker website and enter your Tax File Number (TFN). You’ll then get a list of any super funds in your name.

Talk to your adviser or call Suggars & Associates to learn how you can roll all those old funds into your primary super fund, and really get your money working hard for your retirement.

The advice in this article is of a general nature only and does not take your personal circumstances into account. You should seek financial advice before making any investment or financial decisions.

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